Floor Scales with Digital Load Cells

Floor Scale from Eilersen
Floor Scale from Eilersen

Floor scales are most often placed on top of a level ground surface or placed in a pit into the floor with little disruption to the floor surface. With a good solid build the floor scale makes it much safer and more efficient to quickly measure the weight of heavy and large items without the need for lifting.

Improving workflow

Standard pallet trucks or trolleys can also be used to further improve the work flow when it is required to take a measurement from a large and normally difficult item. Depending upon the process and system being used, floor scales can dramatically improve the fluidity of manufacturing, distribution and other processes that require the weight of bulky heavy items to be recorded either automatically or manually.

Updating floor scales

Many companies have updated their floor scales to include an automatic digital module communicating with a PLC or PC which allows recordings to be taken quickly and accurately without relying on human interaction.

An Eilersen shockproof floor scale can be used when high accuracy weighing is required in rugged and tough environments (both outdoor and indoor), where over loads, large vibrations or the atmosphere is wet and corrosion usually occurs. The floor scales come with an Eilersen Digital weighing system complete with either an ATEX or OIML certified display, alternatively you can choose from a range of output modules compatible with Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Modbus ASCII/RTU or 4-20mA communication.

The unique Eilersen non-contact digital load cell

There are many vendors of load cell floor scales available however the Eilersen unique non-contact digital load cell brings a host of benefits that are not available in other products. The reason behind this is the non-contact sensor in the digital load cell; by using a non-contact method the load cells have an unparalleled ability to withstand overloads, vibration and the test of time.

The patented capacitive measuring principle allows for extreme overloads while at the same giving a much higher level of accuracy. The simple nature of the load cell further adds to the benefits with reduced costs and time spent on installation and on-going maintenance.

Digital load cell benefits

The load cell cable is a single coaxial cable which directly transmits the digital data from the load cell to the instrumentation. This single wire cable can be much longer than traditional analog load cell installation and a further benefit is that the cable is hermetically sealed to IP68 allowing the use in unfortunate environments. Also, the calibration of the load cell is not dependent on the load cell cable length.

When strain gage load cells fail after repeated abuse, the Eilersen load cell will continue working. As well as providing higher overload tolerances, the Eilersen non-contact capacitive sensor also provides higher resolution.

The capacitive measurement principl

The capacitive measurement principle has a change in signal of 10% compared to the standard foil strain gage with a signal change of only 0.1%. With such a higher sensitivity, the elastic element does not need to be strained as much. This fact further increases the accuracy and shockproof capabilities of the load cells making them ideally suited for tanks and vessels.

Eilersen Floor Scales are available with the following specifications:

· Weighing capacities up to 4 tons with resolutions from 100 grams

· Scales are produced with dimensions and material according to customer specifications

· Shockproof digital load cells that tolerate up to 1000 % overload with no overload and sideload protection devices - ideal for very tough environments

· Load cells are hermetically sealed to IP68 with laser welding

· Load cells are produced in stainless steel

· High accuracies - certified versions according to OIML R60/R76 with up to C6, 10.000 scale divisions

· A wide range of software modules for standard weighing, special purposes and customer specific applications are available

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